Common Conditions



There are literally hundreds of different reasons you can experience a headache, ranging from minor causes to more severe reasons. They’re known to be one of the most common conditions of the nervous system and on average nearly half the population will get some type of headache. As a primary health carer, your headache can be accurately diagnosed and treated in clinic, or referred if required.

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Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints in our clinic. Symptoms can range from a sharp pain, to a dull aching aching discomfort, or you could just be feeling tightness and restriction in movement. Any injury to the neck should be examined immediately to rule out any serious problems which could cause complications in the future.

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Middle Back (Thoracic) Pain

The middle part of your spine is known as your thoracic spine. We’re seeing more problems with the thoracic area due to poor posture and lifestyle. Hours of sitting at your computer desk, watching tv, or hunching over on your tablet and smartphone starts to change your posture and put more stress through the middle back resulting in pain. Certain conditions can also affect structures in the thoracic spine which need to be assessed.

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Knee Pain

Low Back Pain